Workplace Essentials Training

A healthy team knows how to effectively communicate, provide mutual support, and has the ability to manage change. These soft skills are workplace essentials and imperative to an organization’s productivity. These healthy teams actively drive progress and positive results in an organization and are critical to the organization’s success. An unhealthy team can unintentionally sabotage the goals of the organization by creating challenges for their customers, partners, other employees, and even vendors. Pembrook Road Soft Skills Training offers packaged and customized soft skills training courses in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, to meet the goals and objectives of those who want to create a healthy team. Our sessions are informative, highly interactive, and fun. Teams leave their soft skills training course with real-world soft skills that can be implemented immediately. Members of a healthy team will learn how to set and manage expectations of colleagues and team members. They will also discover how to analyze current workflow processes and identify how to improve its efficiency. And, all healthy teams know that change is the one constant. Our course in Change Management ensures that your healthy team isn’t derailed by change through a process that helps each individual take responsibility for how they react and respond to change.

Leadership & Management Training

Determination, great ideas, and hard work propel individuals into leadership roles. Those who excelled as an individual contributor, now have to build a strong team and manage others. Do you have the right soft skills for that? How a person thinks, operates, and excels as an individual contributor is much different than how you approach those same tasks as a leader. Possessing the right soft skills help individuals make the transition to a leadership role successful. And, veteran leaders know that professional skills require constant development – especially soft skills. Pembrook Roads Soft Skills Training helps modern leaders in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati learn how to set expectations, deliver frequent feedback, give recognition, and lead by example. Our soft skills course, Lead, Motivate and Inspire Like a Boss will empower you as a leader and bring out the best in yourself and others by exploring the most critical success factors of strong leadership. You’ll discover how to bring teams together, while motivating, energizing, and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Soft Skills Training for Young Professionals

Too often, a common talking point from managers of millennials is that they hire young professionals for their record of strong performance, and they deliver. But two little words are holding them back: soft skills. Most young professionals are unaware of a paradigm shift that happens when they transition from school to the workplace. Singularly focused on hard work to earn good grades in school, this same approach doesn’t work in a professional setting. Young professionals soon discover that their work-performance is merely one aspect in which they are evaluated. Managers don’t judge employees solely on their work product — which is expected to be stellar — but also on the employee’s image. This is why Time Managment is such a crucial soft skill to possess. Missing deadlines, arriving late to meetings, and rushing to complete tasks decreases one’s credibility as a professional and negatively impacts their image in the organization. Pembrook Road Soft Skills Training course in Time Management will help young (and experienced) professionals in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, recognized their personal strengths and weaknesses in time management, take control of their time while making improvements to their work habits, and learn proper planning steps and methods.

Adulting Classes

It’s really not your parents’ fault that they had to work outside the home a gazillion hours a week to keep a roof over your head. Unfortunately, the result of their absence has left a generation of young adults who don’t know how to perform some basic tasks that are a part of life as an adult. These are simple things that many individuals of older generations take for granted, like how to unclog a sink drain or address an envelope, how to cook on a stove and follow a recipe, and how to balance a checkbook or start a lawnmower. Other generations had parents at home who would teach their children these things, and in some places, there were even high school classes that covered many of these topics. However, that is no longer the case for many young adults, leaving them with a “WTF” feeling. Pembrook Road Soft Skills Training offers fully customizable “adulting” classes in Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati, to help even the most confused young adult “get it”. The classes meet “IRL” and will help young adults change their “FML” posts on social media to “#adulting”.